The Benefits of Watermelon

Hey Greenbugs! Did you ever think one of your favorite fruits could have a ton of heath benefits for you and your body? When you take a bite into that cool juicy treat we call Watermelon, your kidneys change one amino acid called L-citrulline into another amino acid called L-arginine. These two amino acids have many benefits for your body including protection against the development of diabetes! Lycopene are what causes the reddish pinkish color of Watermelon. It also causes the red color in tomatoes. Watermelon also has almost one and a half times the amount of Lycopene then that of tomatoes. Lycopene is proven to reduce cholesterol levels and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Reduction of, as well as severity of Asthma Attacks is another benefit. It can also help you lose weight faster. The Potassium in Watermelon protects nerve function and can help balance your pH.

FUN FACT: Watermelon is 92 percent water and 6 percent sugar so you can get a sugar boost and a nice cold drink!

Out With The Old In With The New

Hey Green Bugs!  A couple of days ago our principal sent home a letter about how unhappy he is that the school is covered in trash which gave me two ideas. I thought I could run for student council at school to start a spirit day called Green Day where everyone has to wear green and pick up at least 10 pieces of trash and whoever picks up the most trash gets a prize. My second idea is that I think I’m gonna start a project it’s called the Greenbug project I have so much clothes that are too small and/or boring so I thought I could take all those clothes and turn them into something new then I will donate them to kids who can’t buy nice clothes or shoes you can take part in this by doing it too

Have fun + good luck ???? these are old shoes that did not fit me they were white with no color.

look at them now!!!

Hurricane Harvey Floods

Hey Green Bugs long time no talk!

It’s been so long. Anyway, I bet you all heard about Hurricane Harvey and you all know it’s really bad. It has cost dozens of lives and has caused so much damage. It will cost so much money to repair. There are even some mudslides in Sierra Leone that have stolen more than 1,000 lives. Of course Donald Trump has to make it worse by telling the whole world that the flooding was great and everyone is happy after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Hopefully he’ll be more supportive after Irma hits!

Donate to Hurricane Harvey and Save  People’s Lives!


Hey greenbugs last month the California legislature passed a critical vote to make our state’s amazing cap-and-trade climate action program 2030, affirming California’s leadership in the fight against climate change and they also  passed a second measure that gives the state strong tools that can help us improve our local air quality in places most vulnerable to pollution.

How do you think we can help prevent pollution?

Dolphins and whales are in danger 

Getting to the oil and gas at the bottom of the ocean needs vessel surveys that require air guns. Air guns are super dangerous for dolphins and whales because air guns shoot out deafening burst of noise. These tools can change there ability to do simple survival strategies.

What’s A Different Tool We Can Use To Get Oil Out Of The Ocean

Surfing for the oceans

Hey greenbugs two incredible surfers started a company that swims under the ocean and picks up trash by hand no fancy machines just hands so then they don’t send dangerous chemicals into our oceans they do this in seven countries I believe if two surfers can save the ocean if we greenbugs work together we can change the world and you can start by visiting this website and buying a bracelet and they remove a pound of trash from the ocean each braclet is one pound of trash!

A New Generation Starts Now

Hi greenbugs two endangered grey wolves seen last year walking through Northern California have had pups the wolves had produced about three pups this spring starting a new wild wolf pack in California. The new family is only the second pack to ave been born in California over the last century. Trump launched an attake on 27 national monuments targeting more than 1 million acres of land and oceans which means that if we know this is going on in the world we can stop because as greenbugs we are greenkids and we are the future of a green world.

I Challenge You To Donate To An Animal In Need!

Eating Bugs

Hey greenbugs do you ever use lipstick? Probably, right some lipstick is natural but sometimes it’s a little too natural for example red lipsticks, red lipstick is a very popular color of lipsticks but ever wonder where the red color comes from? Well the red color comes from Cochineal Beetles. To get the red color out of the beetles they have to crush them as I said in my article titled makeup when you put lipstick on you basically end up eating it so yes, you are eating bugs vegetarian or not.

What do you think could be a substitute for lipstick’s red coloring?